Unit of Measure


N/A PP+GF,(EPDM (O-rings)

Temperature Range

N/A (-5)° - (60)°C

Nominal Pressure

N/A 10.0 bar

Thread Type/Size

N/A 1/4" BSPT /3*( Hose-barb 8 mm)1/4" BSPT /3*( 1/8" BSPT-Male)1/4" BSPT /3*( 1/4" BSPT-Male )1/4* BSPT / and any combination of:
1/8" BSPT-Male, 1/4" BSPT- Male and barb 8 mm

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy duty Trio-Tech™ provides dependable operation and long life; the Trio-Tech™ has only one moveable part, which significantly reduces the grinding and discrepancies.
  • High grade construction made of durable PP+FG and chemical resistance EPDM 0-ring that provides:
    1. Ability to handle a wide range of aggressive chemicals
    2. Ability to operate in a high pressure such as 10 bar.
  • Multiple connectors configurations in two sizes, provides flexibility and operational efficiency, for example
  • Perfect for applications such as filtering systems and hydraulic valves made out of plastic or metal, for example